A brief word on editing

Lets talk about editing. As from my previous post, sometimes things don’t work out. And that’s okay. Sometimes you can fix them, sometimes you are just having fun with the editor tools to see what happens. These pictures are my examples doing that. Even though they are not superb, they have their artsy side.

1. First picture is my favourite edit. I used the exposure and shadows. It has its old school photography look. But you still knows it’s night time.

2. The second photo is the original unedited picture

3. The Third picture is I turned up the exposure to see if I could make it look like daytime.

4. The Fourth picture is softened it so I looked like a painting.

All done in Adobe Lightroom.

You can also see this on my Instagram

All the Best People have fun

Lets take a moment and talk about having fun and experimenting. I am a photographer. I want to show case some of my less elegant photos.

I couldn’t get to my better photos without the experimenting and having some fun. And I have to say that experimenting and seeing the result created some awesome laughs! There was frustrations, not gonna lie, but that is okay. Experimenting is how things come about, and inspires trying different things.

Learning from the film world as well, you learn from very careful experimenting. Making note of every setting, and learning from each frame. From these shots that I took in Canmore, most of the images were on unusable. But I learned from each attempt and just had fun with my husband. This picture was my attempt of outlining the mountain range with long exposure light photography. Obviously it didn’t work and afterwards I had a good laugh. I didn’t attempt this again. And that’s okay…I might again one day!

I also think its important to show case that none of us are perfect. Yes there are some very talented people out there that know what they are doing. But it is good for our mental health to realize we all make mistakes and that it can take time to get a good shot.

So get out there and have some fun! And if you want let me know some of your fun experiments.   If you want to see more of my work and another experiment check out my Instagram.

Grown Up

Grown Up

What is the definition of grown up? Okay I know you can go look that up in the dictionary and tell me :).

But on the note of what it means today, is different to all different people. To some it means having a stable job, to others it’s getting married and having kids, or about hitting a certain age or maybe its about being serious all the time.

To me it means being reasonable and mature when you make decisions, to know that you still need to rely on others and to be there for others, to not take life too seriously but still be serious when the time calls for it, to endure, have integrity, to pick yourself when you do fall, to not to blame others when things go wrong, to not make excuses when you can’t stay in contact with someone, to be honest, to show love towards all, and when drama happens (because we all know its gonna happen) to do your best to reduce the stress and not take it in personally.

This post started with just wanting to post one of my fav cartoons (which is actually many) and turned into something deeper. I love my randomness. 🙂