Bus Ride

On my way home today, as I was drifting asleep on the bus, I had a quick whiff that made me had a memory. 

It was only a really quick whiff and I couldn’t smell it again, so who knows if I really smelt it. Maybe it was just a combination of things that made me smell it. 

This memory was about riding the bus at Walt Disney World going from the hotel to the park. At the time I thought the bus ride was so special and it was a special bus. To me riding the bus meant going and doing something special. Even at that time the only time I rode the bus for school was for field trips. 

Riding the bus now, I realize the Disney bus was fairly similar to any city bus. I take the bus everyday. Sometimes its a stinky packed bus. Something that I don’t relate to a special experience.

It slightly saddens me that I realized about losing the special memory of the bus. I am also happy I had those moments. It reminds me to look at the good things and see the joy in the little things. It is something I have written about a couple of times. 



Transit Talk: Eating Grasshoppers to…

On the way home yesterday on the train, my co worker and I were talking about eating bugs and the delicacy around it. I have to admit I think I might try grasshoppers one day.
The conversation rolled to worms, meal worms then finally snakes. Then the conversation went something like this:

Co-Worker: So they are not insects but apparently snakes taste good.

Me: I could believe that but I just hope that the snake has digested all its food before it got cooked.

Co-worker: Yea you might get a two for one deal with a rat. 

Me (Giggling): Yea you could get …  Snurducken.


I am amused 🙂 .


Look up at Wonderland

Do you ever notice sometimes when you take the bus or train, and you always look the same way or sit on the same side. But that one day, because all the seats are taken or your phone is dead you look a different way, and then all of a sudden see the city/town you live in a whole new way. 
I know you know what the city/town looks like in general.  But you get a new perspective. Maybe you think , huh I don’t remember that building be there, our city is so pretty, if I bought that house I could see the summer fireworks just perfect, or man that is an ugly neighbourhood. 
Sometimes we are all looking down so much we forget the simple part of things. And I don’t mean just our electronics. People are always trying to keep busy, whether its reading a book, knitting or doing homework.
As someone who takes transit on a daily basis. I know its a lot of time wasted better doing other things. But maybe it would be good once in awhile to just look up. Relax, enjoy the ride and look around. And you know that secretly we all like to people watch. Treat yourself to that once in awhile. And if you are a writer, creator, artist of some kind, create stories for those people. 

So go ahead, Look Up.


If you want to see someone else with a good video on looking up watch this video. Please be aware there is some swearing.