Semester Calendar

So I decided to try and play around with different softwares. I have played with Lightroom, word, publisher and Adobe Pro. I wish I knew a little more depth and did some classes in my earlier years on these programs so I understand them better but it has been an interesting challenge. But what has been some of my results? Well I decided to do something fun and practical. Last winter I decided to make a Semester Calendar with my photography. (I choose semester calendars as I work in the post secondary field and I like to see a few months at a time when planning.)

My creative process literally was Word – Publisher  (insert pics edited in Lightroom) – Adobe Pro. I am sure there is an easier way around this but it was my creative process and that is okay.

I really love Adobe Pro. I use it in work all the time, as the possibilities with a pdf are awesome. I even used it for a survey at one point just so I could play with the functions and know how it would work. (Surveys are probably not the best use, with companies like SurveyMonkey out there, but it was still neat to play with).

So what does my Semester Calendar look like? Well here it is!


If you would like a copy, I am selling them on Etsy! The pdf files includes months September – April.  Click here and receive 15% off the Semester Calendar! The coupon expires August 31, 2018.

Also if you want to see some pictures I have done check out my Photography Instagram

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Until next time!

Funnish Fact for the Day

So while searching the internet about Tornadoes I came across an article about myths of things to do in protecting yourself from tornadoes. One of them being is opening your windows to equalize pressure. Apparently this is a myth. And now that I read about it, I feel stupid for even believing it. Reason being its a myth? Because its a TORNADO, If its crossing your path, its going to send debris through your house no matter what. Plus you are wasting time and could put yourself in danger if you go to open a window when there is a warning.

Why did I not think of this before?

Another myth that I know I was taught in school is about how the southwest corner of the basement is the safest place during a tornado. Again, when you think about it, it totally makes sense that it is a myth. Its a Tornado, no matter which way it comes from its going to through debris anywhere.

Here are the articles I found.

On a completely side note of crappy information, I found this one site that said to stay in your car. This I know is not a fact. DO NOT EVER stay in your car during a tornado.

Moral of this story: Question everything and do your own research!