Foursquare or King’s Court

Playworks Foursquare Game


Do you know the playground game I am referring to? I know it as King’s Court, but some know it as Foursquare. Foursquare name really gives away the playing court. It is a square that is divided into 4. From there Number 4 (or the King as I know it) serves the ball and the others have to hit it if the ball lands your square and send it to another square.

My school yard had painted squares to play in. I do remember fondly playing it. Though I have to say I haven’t played since Grade 3 I think. (Some 20 years ago). I bring this up because I played yesterday. And the ones I played with, haven’t played in that long as well. It was quite the fun adventure.

Now the one point I want to drive home, is having fun. No matter what, have fun no matter how old you are. May be its good to shed what we look on the outside and play those games that reflect our inside once in awhile. There are some many childhood games I remember playing, yet I cannot remember the name for the life of me.

Now I turn this to you. What childhood games did you enjoy? Have you played any recently?



Random Thoughts of Today

  • Why do tv networks cancel programs after 5 episodes? I don’t get it. How do any shows getting any footing after 5 episodes? Especially in this technology world we live in, there should be more time for these shows. Or how about testing them out for like a year on Netflix?


  • I snore while I sleep. I was trying to figure out how to share my snores on my blog for the world to hear, and to write of snoring. But I don’t think its possible on WordPress, at least my free version.


  • Having a little writer’s block on how to start a blog I want to write about being creative.


  • Why are community halls so expensive sometimes. Its almost like they don’t want the community to use them.


  • I have decided that I like the story of the Doctor and Rose, but not a fan of the individual episodes of that season. I don’t like the story of the Doctor and Martha but love the individual episodes. And I like the story and episodes of the Doctor and Donna.

And those are are my random thoughts of the day.


Grown Up

Grown Up

What is the definition of grown up? Okay I know you can go look that up in the dictionary and tell me :).

But on the note of what it means today, is different to all different people. To some it means having a stable job, to others it’s getting married and having kids, or about hitting a certain age or maybe its about being serious all the time.

To me it means being reasonable and mature when you make decisions, to know that you still need to rely on others and to be there for others, to not take life too seriously but still be serious when the time calls for it, to endure, have integrity, to pick yourself when you do fall, to not to blame others when things go wrong, to not make excuses when you can’t stay in contact with someone, to be honest, to show love towards all, and when drama happens (because we all know its gonna happen) to do your best to reduce the stress and not take it in personally.

This post started with just wanting to post one of my fav cartoons (which is actually many) and turned into something deeper. I love my randomness. 🙂