I made a meme. I found a photo editing app for my iPad that helps you make memes too. So now the world can share my humour 🙂

Doctor Who Meme

Doctor Who Meme



Okay Doctor Who Fans, I have a real experience for you. This happened to my Co-Worker this morning on the way to work. She was listening to Songza at the bus stop when the following showed up on her cell phone WiFi.


Okay I have to say that it would creep me out a little. It especially crept out my co-worker since she just watched the episode the night before.

So harmless crazy doctor who fan? Or is there something in the wifi?

You decide 🙂


Doctor Who Conditioning

So apparently the world has slowly been conditioning me to want to watch doctor who. I was reading my copy of ” Who Ology: BBC Doctor Who, The Official Miscellany” and came across the section where Doctor who has been mentioned or shown in other shows. And low and behold, a Tiny Toon Adventure episode apparently has the TARDIS sitting with other space craft. I couldn’t find a video but I was able to find a tumblr post with it.

Besides Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, that was the only show that I know of that was secretly conditioning my brain for the awesome Sci-Fi that I currently enjoy.

Another mind blown, say what moment 😉

Story Time: My Doctor Who Dream

I have crazy dreams, like many people. Most of my dreams are adventures. For example one of my favourites I remember as a child is going out into outer space with Ms Frizzle and her gang from the Magic School Bus. Some people have their life adventures where they can tell epic stories. I have my dreams. This might turn into a new category of mine to share some of my dreams.

The following dream is one I had last year and I wrote it down at the time. It’s a little disorganized because of the way I wrote it down, but I don’t remember enough details to re-edit it, So I have kept almost the same except for some grammar.



So I was going to Disneyland that just opened up that had some of the old rides in it. We had to take these kids. (I think I was like a nanny) These kids just kept causing delays. We also had a kitchen and in mice that liked being in a cage. There were three 10th (David Tennant) Doctors. 2 of them had two hearts and one of them only had one heart. Eventually we came to a part where we were at the bathtub trying to clean out the cage for the mouse in the kitchen. The mouse turned into these little people, these tiny tiny little people trying to escaping They were all from different cultures and ages. The were kind of like little toy people; like the ones from A Night at the Museum. These little people escaped into the bathtub. The water turned violent in the bathtub.

Now we were all transported into the water in the bathtub. Then the water in the bathtub turned into this little world. I somehow kept getting separated from the Doctor who had two hearts but he was the twin of the real Doctor Who. This twin was apparently supposed to be in love with me and was supposed to be going to be with me forever. Since he was now in this new bathtub world he wanted to go on adventures in that world. He wasn’t sure if you wanted to be with me anymore. But the one with the one heart loved me and wanted to be with me. Now twin 2-hearted Doctor used his sonic screwdriver to give his one heart to the Doctor with the one heart. So the one hearted doctors now had two hearts, the one that was in love with me. He wanted to live with me in this world. It was sort of like the ending of the episode of Journey’s End with Rose Tyler.

As a side detail the Twin Doctor who wanted to keep going on his adventure had the suit that David Tennant had. Well the doctor who is in love with me and gained two hearts had a red suit.

Some detail about this bathtub world where we all landed and it was on this sand Peninsula. To the left was water and over the water with these big mountains or rocky areas. And they went on for a little while and kind of disappeared because then you had a big kind of ocean area. The kind of people that were in the bathtub world were natives, Victorian age people, 1800 England,  pirates, ancient Greeks and others. I was dressed as someone from the 1800’s England.

I also had a son but he wasn’t my son in the end he ends up turning into a fish. Also this son seemed to only appear in the bathtub world.

Another detail when I kept getting separated from the Twin Doctor, There were pirate attacks. There was a lot of boats that looks like houses and some of them got destroyed by the pirates. I did have a house but could not find it. I kept going into other peoples’ houses. My feelings on not finding my house were “Well I wanted to have another house with the doctor anyway.”

When we were still at the Disneyland Park the Doctors kept wondering off and going on rides and different things. I was stuck with the kids. I was sad because I wanted to spend time with the Doctors. I was frustrated because I kept having to gather the kids and taking them to the washroom.

There was one ride that actually wasn’t even in the park but you got to go up to this really high mountain. I think at one point there was a bad guy that needed to go up that high mountain but that part of the dream is fading so I can’t remember.


What do you think? Movie worthy?  😉

Random Thoughts of Today

  • Why do tv networks cancel programs after 5 episodes? I don’t get it. How do any shows getting any footing after 5 episodes? Especially in this technology world we live in, there should be more time for these shows. Or how about testing them out for like a year on Netflix?


  • I snore while I sleep. I was trying to figure out how to share my snores on my blog for the world to hear, and to write of snoring. But I don’t think its possible on WordPress, at least my free version.


  • Having a little writer’s block on how to start a blog I want to write about being creative.


  • Why are community halls so expensive sometimes. Its almost like they don’t want the community to use them.


  • I have decided that I like the story of the Doctor and Rose, but not a fan of the individual episodes of that season. I don’t like the story of the Doctor and Martha but love the individual episodes. And I like the story and episodes of the Doctor and Donna.

And those are are my random thoughts of the day.