Semester Calendar

So I decided to try and play around with different softwares. I have played with Lightroom, word, publisher and Adobe Pro. I wish I knew a little more depth and did some classes in my earlier years on these programs so I understand them better but it has been an interesting challenge. But what has been some of my results? Well I decided to do something fun and practical. Last winter I decided to make a Semester Calendar with my photography. (I choose semester calendars as I work in the post secondary field and I like to see a few months at a time when planning.)

My creative process literally was Word – Publisher  (insert pics edited in Lightroom) – Adobe Pro. I am sure there is an easier way around this but it was my creative process and that is okay.

I really love Adobe Pro. I use it in work all the time, as the possibilities with a pdf are awesome. I even used it for a survey at one point just so I could play with the functions and know how it would work. (Surveys are probably not the best use, with companies like SurveyMonkey out there, but it was still neat to play with).

So what does my Semester Calendar look like? Well here it is!


If you would like a copy, I am selling them on Etsy! The pdf files includes months September – April.  Click here and receive 15% off the Semester Calendar! The coupon expires August 31, 2018.

Also if you want to see some pictures I have done check out my Photography Instagram

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Until next time!

Project Completed

I forgot to post a project I did a few months ago. I made a display for my keychain collection.

Items I used:

  • Shadow box frame (Michaels)
  • Inch silver metal Pins (Michaels)
  • Formboard (Michaels)
  • Drawer liner (Dollarama)

I wasn’t able to fit all my keychains but a good bulk and a few other items.

The one issue I had was the form board took up a lot of room so some of my bigger keychains (e.g.Boogle keychain) couldn’t fit.

I hope this helps in other people looking for ideas.

Gift Wrapping

One of my favourite parts of going to a wedding is the gift and how I wrap it. I have done gift baskets to using a boa as stuffing around the gift. I know that typically the presentation gets destroyed within minutes but I still love doing it. Plus I like having the pretty present in the pile. And who knows, maybe when I get married I will take pictures and put them in an album of all the pretty wrapped gifts.

So at my latest wedding I had a really great idea for wrapping my gift. I documented it to share and hopefully help others.

Please feel free to comment and if you write blogs link to your gift wrapping ideas!

This time around a bought a gift at a store that will box it for you. I really liked this because now it’s all nicely wrapped and the box has a handle. But the downside it has the name of the company plastered on the side. Well I really don’t want to advertise the place I bought it and people to guess what I got off that registry.


So typically you have wrapping paper for this assignment to hiding the purchase evidence. But I don’t always have fun with wrapping paper. Especially corners. So what to do. I went to the dollar store (the best place for ideas) and started looking. They didn’t have a big enough gift bag and I wasn’t feeling the wrapping it in dish clothes kinda mood. So up and down the isles until I found this…

Self adhesive Drawer Lining!


I found my solution. And a way to get perfect corners!

Now my wrapping skills are still not the best, so it’s not like my patterns all lined up. But I think I did a good job. I did one side at a time. I started with the smaller 3 sides. Did the 2 big sides then finished with the top.


The top was a little tricky with the handle. But I carefully measured, made slits for the end then cut a line down the middle of the slits. This way it fit all nice a snug.

Now for some decoration. I have done ribbon and bows. This time though I just didn’t want to do that. I found at the dollar store wall flower decals. I used those for the corner of my box and added some sparkly glue to make it pretty.


My final touch to the whole thing was the card. I cut a slit on the side of the envelope and attached the tag (which also had the company name on it) that came with the box to the inside of the envelope with a glue gun. Now voilà your card is attached to your gift without having to tape it down or open the box that was already sealed from the department store.


So there you go. Another way to wrap a gift.

I hope you enjoyed this. I know I’m not the best artsy person but it was fun and I wanted to share my fun. Feel free to comment and say how you like to wrap gifts.

Seeing the Milky Way through my Camera

I was able to take my first night photos last week while in British Colombia. I was so excited! I worked for about an hour at about 1 AM.  But I was able to get some good shoots. I have put all the shots that I did so you can see the good, the bad and the ugly.
I like learning from all my shots. I hope this helps anyone else that wants to learn too. A couple of notes about some conditions of taking these photos. I don’t have a remote yet for my bulb setting on my DSLR. So some of my shakiness may have come through. Unfortunately I was near some houses and a gravel company so its not the best for the lighting of the ground.

Another issue, when I reimaged my photos through Picasa it changed the colouring of the photos a little. All the pictures seem to have gotten lighter and a little orange.  I don’t know how to fix this. Hopefully I can figure out how to fix it for my website.

I have put all my main settings below each photo so you know the details as well.

I want to thank the blog Leanne Cole Photography . I was able to get the recipe of night photography from her blog.

The recipe is: ISO – Greater than 3200, F-stop as low as you can go, and exposure time 30 seconds.

Click Here to go to the specific blog for more details.

Project Completed: Squeaky Clean

Lately I have been really into Pinterest. The only problem is I actually don’t end up doing anything I pin. So I decided to put my mind to it and finally do a project! Project: Make your own cleaner! So instead of the typical, vinegar, essential oils and water combination, the twist was you “make your essential oil” as well. In this post is how I went about and did this DIY project. Like a typical science experiment I also put my observations and outcomes, And what I think I should do differently. (I have put the links that I saved on Pinterest at the bottom of this post as a reference and for those interested.)



1 Mason Jar
1 Metal Strainer
1 Measuring Cup
1 Spray Bottle
1 Orange
3 Cups Vinegar
5 drops Vanilla Essential Oil

My Steps:

Step 1: Peel Orange and put into Mason jar. Try not to get any of the juicy pulp that you would normally eat. You can put the inside orange aside for a snack later.

Step 2: Pour Vinagar into Mason Jar. Now I was able to put 3 cups into the jar. So it depends on the size of jar you use. Size of jar may also effect how many oranges you put in

Step 3: Tightly close let and put in dry cool spot.

Step 4: Wait 2 weeks.

2 week cleaner mixture









Step 5: Strain your vinager/orange misture into your measuring cup.


Step 5











Step 6: Pour strained mixture into spray bottle so it fills halfway through.

Step 7

Step 6











Step 7: Fill rest of spray bottle with filtered water.

Step 8: Put in 5 drops of essential oil put on lid. Shake bottle

Step 8

Step 8











Step 9: Clean your heart out.  🙂

Final Product

Final Product










So these are the steps I went through. Now for the review of the experiment.


I found a lot of smaller floaties (really small pulp most likely) that went through the metal strainer. I did half and half for water/mixture. Some recipes say to add water and others do not. Using a spray bottle with measurements was a good choice. I did test out a section on my tub where there is some scum. It seemed to wash wipe out nicely. Below is a picture from my tub (it might be hard to see though as its hard to take a picture of without a very dirty tub) 20140513_130953







Positive Observations:
Using Orange Peels (or other natural ingredients) makes me feel good that I am not wasting anything. Though you eventually throw out the peel, at least you are trying to put out as much as you can. Its like the saying we all grow up with “Waste Not, Want Not” It is super easy to do. I would spend maybe 20 minutes putting everything together (not including the waiting time). You could spend that much time just to go pick some cleaner up at the grocery store.

Negative Observations:
When not properly rinsed or wiped away, the mixture leaves orange spots when dried (see picture). These orange spots do rinse away on hard surfaces. So you might want to be careful not to get the cleaner on material though. Something every post I read was make sure you test on all surfaces.

Orange spots

Orange spots










I think its a good twist for cleaning with vinegar. I think I may need to tweak the recipe. Though I don’t know how about doing that. Also I recommend using a cheese cloth or something similar to get all the little floaties out.  Not sure if I am sold for using it as my only cleaner though. If you have any thoughts or versions you know works, please leave a comment. Hope you enjoyed this post!