This Monday Morning: May the Fourth Be With You

I’m sorry it is Monday but at least it’s May the Fourth. I found this picture a few years ago and am glad it is aptly appropriate for today.  

So as tradition permits me:

May the Fourth Be With You this Monday


Okay Doctor Who Fans, I have a real experience for you. This happened to my Co-Worker this morning on the way to work. She was listening to Songza at the bus stop when the following showed up on her cell phone WiFi.


Okay I have to say that it would creep me out a little. It especially crept out my co-worker since she just watched the episode the night before.

So harmless crazy doctor who fan? Or is there something in the wifi?

You decide 🙂


Doctor Who Conditioning

So apparently the world has slowly been conditioning me to want to watch doctor who. I was reading my copy of ” Who Ology: BBC Doctor Who, The Official Miscellany” and came across the section where Doctor who has been mentioned or shown in other shows. And low and behold, a Tiny Toon Adventure episode apparently has the TARDIS sitting with other space craft. I couldn’t find a video but I was able to find a tumblr post with it.

Besides Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, that was the only show that I know of that was secretly conditioning my brain for the awesome Sci-Fi that I currently enjoy.

Another mind blown, say what moment 😉