Funnish Fact for the Day

So while searching the internet about Tornadoes I came across an article about myths of things to do in protecting yourself from tornadoes. One of them being is opening your windows to equalize pressure. Apparently this is a myth. And now that I read about it, I feel stupid for even believing it. Reason being its a myth? Because its a TORNADO, If its crossing your path, its going to send debris through your house no matter what. Plus you are wasting time and could put yourself in danger if you go to open a window when there is a warning.

Why did I not think of this before?

Another myth that I know I was taught in school is about how the southwest corner of the basement is the safest place during a tornado. Again, when you think about it, it totally makes sense that it is a myth. Its a Tornado, no matter which way it comes from its going to through debris anywhere.

Here are the articles I found.

On a completely side note of crappy information, I found this one site that said to stay in your car. This I know is not a fact. DO NOT EVER stay in your car during a tornado.

Moral of this story: Question everything and do your own research! 

A poem: I Wait

I wait
I wait
I wait in the dark
I wait
I wait in the light
I wait
I wait
I wait for her
I wait
I wait for him
I wait
I wait
I hate to wait
But I wait
I wait



By Me (the author of


This post is about 2 things that have touched my heart recently.


NUMBER ONE: I found this photo on Pinterest. I love this photo in so many different ways.

So first I ask you. What do you think of this photo? What comes to your mind first?


Koala’s are known to be aggressive creatures. So this photo makes it much more memorable. Not only is this Koala getting water its also holding the firefighter’s hand. This photo just hits my heart so many ways. It shows the love and potential we have between human and the animal kingdom. For me words cannot describe everything I see here.
This brings me to the title for my blog. Touch-Heart. It comes from a sign in ASL of something that gets to you emotionally. Here is a link to what it looks like. When I am overwhelmed by emotion or something I just can’t describe in words. This is the sign I go to. This photo is that sign for me.
I long for a time when moments like these are common.


NUMBER TWO: A co-worker of mine sent me this link to a podcast. When I am working, I like listening to music, not talking. But I thought I would give this one a try. I am glad I did. All 3 part of the blog made me think and learn something new.
My favourite part is the last section about the Toast and how a women with a mental illness changed her life. Mental illness is so prevalent today and it still has the stigma of something we should hide under the rug.
I know it can be hard to understand and know how to react. But even just trying to understand or show some empathy can make a world of difference.

Here is the podcast if you would like to listen to it.

These two things have weighed on my mind the last few days. So I wanted to share it. There is more I wanted to say about these two subjects but that is all I can get out articulately.
I hope it has “Touch-Heart” for you too.


Bus Ride

On my way home today, as I was drifting asleep on the bus, I had a quick whiff that made me had a memory. 

It was only a really quick whiff and I couldn’t smell it again, so who knows if I really smelt it. Maybe it was just a combination of things that made me smell it. 

This memory was about riding the bus at Walt Disney World going from the hotel to the park. At the time I thought the bus ride was so special and it was a special bus. To me riding the bus meant going and doing something special. Even at that time the only time I rode the bus for school was for field trips. 

Riding the bus now, I realize the Disney bus was fairly similar to any city bus. I take the bus everyday. Sometimes its a stinky packed bus. Something that I don’t relate to a special experience.

It slightly saddens me that I realized about losing the special memory of the bus. I am also happy I had those moments. It reminds me to look at the good things and see the joy in the little things. It is something I have written about a couple of times.