A Broken Heart

Grunge Heart

Have you ever felt  a broken heart before?
It is like this heavy, dulling pain
And it seems to hurt more and more

Sometimes this broken heart can take your breath away
And it seems to concentrate you mind on one thing 
The funny thing is, is that its you

You had captured my heart
But you never loved me that way
And that is what tore me a part.

I tried to stop it from happening
But my heart would not have it
You were the perfect one to make it sing

Finding out that you didn’t like me was the hardest
My heart just won’t accept it 
That I will no be able to have you, my dearest

And what adds to my broken heart and is sad
Is that I never told you, you knew knew
How much I loved you, and that hurts a tad


Above was taken from some poems that I wrote ages ago (2004). Time for them to be taken off paper. 

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