Random Thoughts of Today

  • Why do tv networks cancel programs after 5 episodes? I don’t get it. How do any shows getting any footing after 5 episodes? Especially in this technology world we live in, there should be more time for these shows. Or how about testing them out for like a year on Netflix?


  • I snore while I sleep. I was trying to figure out how to share my snores on my blog for the world to hear, and to write of snoring. But I don’t think its possible on WordPress, at least my free version.


  • Having a little writer’s block on how to start a blog I want to write about being creative.


  • Why are community halls so expensive sometimes. Its almost like they don’t want the community to use them.


  • I have decided that I like the story of the Doctor and Rose, but not a fan of the individual episodes of that season. I don’t like the story of the Doctor and Martha but love the individual episodes. And I like the story and episodes of the Doctor and Donna.

And those are are my random thoughts of the day.



  1. A TV show’s success is based on the audience’s reaction to it. Often networks will order a “pilot” episode, and based on its success (or lack thereof), they will decide whether or not to order more shows. If they do, and say, run a first season, they’ll know whether it’ll be a success in the long run. If not? Cancelled.

    I’m told I snore when I sleep. However, since I’ve never heard it, I do not believe these people.

    Don’t worry about being “blocked” as a writer. Most of the anxiety comes from being worried whether or not what you write will be any good. Drop that attitude. Write because you enjoy it. Write because it’s fun to type. Just like I’m doing now.

    Communities need money too I guess


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