A Quote Goodnight


This above quote is something I posted on my twitter a few weeks ago.
Sweet dreams and good night.

Blue Toilet Paper

I have blue toilet paper. Now before you go all kardashian on me, here is the reason why. I suffer from Anxiety. A common thing nowadays. Which thankfully is being recognized in the world. So one day when I was at Walmart when I needed to go get some toilet paper, I saw a fuchsia coloured toilet paper. I laughed out loud because I had just saw on a reality show them talking about black toilet paper. I couldn’t believe that it was a real thing you can get at any local store –  and leave it to Walmart to carry it. Anyway, I had been having a bad day and stressed from work. So to make myself feel better I decided to buy a package. I didn’t want the fuchia cause I’m just not a pink girl. So I got Blue. (plus I imaged it would be the official toilet paper of the Tardis.)

Now the next day I did go and get regular toilet paper because I wasn’t going to just use this blue toilet paper willy nilly. But it gave me a nice chuckle. I posted it my new blue TP on Instragram, got funny replies, was asked if it smelt like blueberries.

Now money doesn’t buy you happiness, but for $4 dollars it did make my day and add amusement to the internet.

The whole point of this story is that when you are suffering from anxiety/depression or something else, Try to make your day somehow, or let someone else make you day. Take it one day at a time. I know this is very hard to do in some cases, and we may need external help but I hope it helps somehow like it did me. Let the little things amuse you.

And I hope this amused you.


“If you would grasp the reason for your existence, and reach the limits of what may be known, you must live on the edge. Get away from the crowds that distract and deflect. It is why we love mountaintops and deserted beaches.”


From the book Echo by Jack McDevitt.

Random Thoughts of Today

  • Why do tv networks cancel programs after 5 episodes? I don’t get it. How do any shows getting any footing after 5 episodes? Especially in this technology world we live in, there should be more time for these shows. Or how about testing them out for like a year on Netflix?


  • I snore while I sleep. I was trying to figure out how to share my snores on my blog for the world to hear, and to write of snoring. But I don’t think its possible on WordPress, at least my free version.


  • Having a little writer’s block on how to start a blog I want to write about being creative.


  • Why are community halls so expensive sometimes. Its almost like they don’t want the community to use them.


  • I have decided that I like the story of the Doctor and Rose, but not a fan of the individual episodes of that season. I don’t like the story of the Doctor and Martha but love the individual episodes. And I like the story and episodes of the Doctor and Donna.

And those are are my random thoughts of the day.


Look up at Wonderland

Do you ever notice sometimes when you take the bus or train, and you always look the same way or sit on the same side. But that one day, because all the seats are taken or your phone is dead you look a different way, and then all of a sudden see the city/town you live in a whole new way. 
I know you know what the city/town looks like in general.  But you get a new perspective. Maybe you think , huh I don’t remember that building be there, our city is so pretty, if I bought that house I could see the summer fireworks just perfect, or man that is an ugly neighbourhood. 
Sometimes we are all looking down so much we forget the simple part of things. And I don’t mean just our electronics. People are always trying to keep busy, whether its reading a book, knitting or doing homework.
As someone who takes transit on a daily basis. I know its a lot of time wasted better doing other things. But maybe it would be good once in awhile to just look up. Relax, enjoy the ride and look around. And you know that secretly we all like to people watch. Treat yourself to that once in awhile. And if you are a writer, creator, artist of some kind, create stories for those people. 

So go ahead, Look Up.


If you want to see someone else with a good video on looking up watch this video. Please be aware there is some swearing. 

Experiment: Marinating


I am very lazy when it comes to doing new recipes. I just don’t have the time or resources to experiment on food. Plus I like quick recipes. Well this week I decided to try a new marinating recipe, due to a friend’s dinner she served me.

Marinade: Whiskey Garlic BBQ sauce.


1 shot of whiskey
about cup of BBQ sauce
2 tsp of Minced garlic

So I mixed the above and put about 4 tablespoons of the mixture with 3 pieces of chicken thighs in a ziplock bag. (The leftovers I put in other bags and with other chicken, to put in the freezer)

So after marinating for a day, I cooked the chicken in the oven for 40 minutes.

Outcome? Yummy sweet tender chicken.

So my experiment worked! Yay!

I do have to say using chicken thighs is a lot cheaper than a chicken breast for experimenting.

Anyway that was my fun little thing I did between today and yesterday.

Also if you are going to freeze the chicken with the marinade, make sure you put the chicken near the back of the freezer. Because of the whiskey, the mixture doesn’t freeze as fast.

Happy cooking!