Grown Up

Grown Up

What is the definition of grown up? Okay I know you can go look that up in the dictionary and tell me :).

But on the note of what it means today, is different to all different people. To some it means having a stable job, to others it’s getting married and having kids, or about hitting a certain age or maybe its about being serious all the time.

To me it means being reasonable and mature when you make decisions, to know that you still need to rely on others and to be there for others, to not take life too seriously but still be serious when the time calls for it, to endure, have integrity, to pick yourself when you do fall, to not to blame others when things go wrong, to not make excuses when you can’t stay in contact with someone, to be honest, to show love towards all, and when drama happens (because we all know its gonna happen) to do your best to reduce the stress and not take it in personally.

This post started with just wanting to post one of my fav cartoons (which is actually many) and turned into something deeper. I love my randomness. 🙂



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