Semester Calendar

So I decided to try and play around with different softwares. I have played with Lightroom, word, publisher and Adobe Pro. I wish I knew a little more depth and did some classes in my earlier years on these programs so I understand them better but it has been an interesting challenge. But what has been some of my results? Well I decided to do something fun and practical. Last winter I decided to make a Semester Calendar with my photography. (I choose semester calendars as I work in the post secondary field and I like to see a few months at a time when planning.)

My creative process literally was Word – Publisher  (insert pics edited in Lightroom) – Adobe Pro. I am sure there is an easier way around this but it was my creative process and that is okay.

I really love Adobe Pro. I use it in work all the time, as the possibilities with a pdf are awesome. I even used it for a survey at one point just so I could play with the functions and know how it would work. (Surveys are probably not the best use, with companies like SurveyMonkey out there, but it was still neat to play with).

So what does my Semester Calendar look like? Well here it is!


If you would like a copy, I am selling them on Etsy! The pdf files includes months September – April.  Click here and receive 15% off the Semester Calendar! The coupon expires August 31, 2018.

Also if you want to see some pictures I have done check out my Photography Instagram

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Until next time!


Work Stories

So you know when you read stories on Buzzfeed or a drugstore magazine on Work horror stories or crazy things that happen at work. And you know that those things happen at work but never to you.

Well today was my day. Now it’s nothing as bad as some of the stories out there but it is still a story that would gross people out.

Today was a pretty hectic day. And because of back to back meetings I hadn’t had a cup of tea or breakfast til mid morning. I had finally 2 minutes to make myself tea. So I wonder over to the break room, I get my mug and my K-cup that have been sitting on the counter waiting for me all morning. I’m about to press the button of the Keirig when I see something floating in the water reservoir. “Oh great I think, what have people been doing when filling this up,” I think. So I take the tank to the sink and drain the water out to see what the floaty thing is.

Well this is what I find…

I just don’t know how a tiny shell gets into a Keurig in an office. So many questions going on here. And was the creature that inhabited it alive at one point in the Keurig?

Now at this point I started to fill the Keurig with vinegar and start to disinfect. And the rest is history.

That is my story. Feel free to share your story or share this one with others.

Project Completed

I forgot to post a project I did a few months ago. I made a display for my keychain collection.

Items I used:

  • Shadow box frame (Michaels)
  • Inch silver metal Pins (Michaels)
  • Formboard (Michaels)
  • Drawer liner (Dollarama)

I wasn’t able to fit all my keychains but a good bulk and a few other items.

The one issue I had was the form board took up a lot of room so some of my bigger keychains (e.g.Boogle keychain) couldn’t fit.

I hope this helps in other people looking for ideas.

So I recently got married… yay! And I had a Pinterest Board like most brides today. I put ideas whether I was going to use them or not. The board was hidden until recently as it was a secret board and I may have had it before I ever dated as I am a typical girl. 😁

I hope this helps you future brides.

Meme Me

A few weeks ago I posted a picture on Instagram and asked them to make a meme out of it. The clip is from the show The Office. Here are the wonderful results. I ❤️ memes.

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